Six Signs A Construction Firm Needs Team Building

14 August 2023
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Construction projects require people constantly working in teams. Many firms assume that team skills will develop with time and experience. However, many minor issues can derail teamwork. You can fix the problem with construction team-building processes. Be aware of these six signs that your operation might need to refine its teamwork with the help of an outside firm.


Project delays happen. Unfortunately, that makes it easy to assume that weather, supply chain issues, or permits created delays. You need to look at your processes to see if more is going on. Delays shouldn't hit every project. If you're seeing signs of delays at every stage of every project, the problem could occur at the team level. There might be trouble internally with a firm, but there also could be problems working with subcontractors, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Overlapping or Undefined Responsibilities

A key part of communication on a construction team is making sure that you know who's responsible for what. The issue often drifts in one of two directions. One, people end up in conflict because of overlapping responsibilities. Two, nothing happens because no one assigned a task to anyone. If responsibilities are unclear, then you need to work with leaders on how to assign tasks.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Not all of the symptoms of poor teamwork are obvious at one stage of the job. Instead, you might see the cumulative effect of customer dissatisfaction. Realistically, some customers won't be happy. However, you shouldn't see numerous dissatisfied customers. A construction team-building professional can assess your operation to see if there are areas for improving customer satisfaction.

Safety Violations

Another place where the cumulative effect may hit is safety. Leaders might not sufficiently communicate safety requirements. Also, they may struggle to monitor violations. Team members might lack appropriate training too. Safety should be a centerpiece of all construction team building.


Most people dislike working on a troubled team. Poor communication leads to anger. Project delays make team members upset. Leaders blame employees. Subcontractors and contractors blame each other. If you're seeing conflicts all over the place, the problem could be at the team level.


Construction is an attractive profession because there's money in it. However, employment demand tends to be high, especially in the skilled trades. Consequently, workers often express their dismay by leaving. If you're seeing lots of turnover, you might want to look at what you're team can do to create a better work environment and achieve greater employee retention.

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