A Return To Basics: Remodeling Tips For Creating A Cozy Cottage Bathroom

13 June 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


With all the hype about spa bathrooms and the latest technology being integrated into modern bathroom designs, some homeowners are longing to return to a simpler look when doing a bathroom remodel. The simplicity of the cottage style makes it a great choice if you want to create a cozy look that is refreshing and timeless without all the elements of modern technology. 

Stick With Warm Neutrals

When choosing paint colors for walls, avoid bright white and go with off-white or shades of antique white, light beige, or pale gray for the best results. Warm neutrals are a perfect match for the laid-back style of a cottage. Avoid paints with a glossy sheen and choose eggshell or flat paint to enhance the cottage feel.

Consider Wallpaper

Using wallpaper on at least one wall is a fun way to dress up cottage decorating and add interest when remodeling your bathroom. Look for wallpaper in subtle florals, such as pale pinks, light blues, or pastel lavenders for a look to enhance the cottage appeal.

Add a Touch of Luxury With a Rainfall Shower

Every cottage bathroom deserves a great shower. A rainfall shower fixture will turn any shower into a spa-like experience without sacrificing the enticing and charming look of cottage design. Installing a brushed bronze rainfall showerhead will keep the vintage look intact and give you just a touch of luxury in your bathroom.

A Soaking Tub Is a Must

Long before showers became popular, bathtubs were very popular, and they are still part of the cottage bathroom design. Choose a soaking but with plenty of curves versus one designed with only straight lines to add charm to the cottage style. Clawfoot tubs are especially popular for cottage bathrooms and will give your bathroom a touch of vintage charm that you will not be able to resist.

Choose Distressed Cabinetry

Worn and weathered cabinets are a hallmark of cottage decorating, and the bathroom is no exception. Look for distressed cabinets in off-white or light gray. Choose rustic knobs and pulls for the hardware to complete the cottage look.

What is there not to love about a cottage bathroom? Minus all the high-tech elements, remodeling your bathroom cottage style is a great choice if you yearn for a simpler way of life. Charming and attractive, the cottage style is a look that will help you create a welcoming atmosphere in the most necessary room in the home. Click here or visit local service websites to learn more about bathroom remodeling.