These Signs Mean Your Hardwood Floors Really Need To Be Refinished

25 May 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


People sometimes think of refinishing their hardwood floors as something to do when they want to change the appearance of their floors and space. Indeed, this is one reason to refinish your floors, and most hardwood floors can be lightened or darkened via refinishing. But even if you have no desire to change the appearance of your hardwood floors, they will eventually need to be refinished once the current finish wears away. If you've noticed the following signs, then you need to have your hardwood floors refinished soon.


Hardwood floors are usually sanded smooth before they are finished. Once the finish starts wearing off in a certain spot, the wood in that spot can get rough and start splintering. You may notice that you get little splinters in your feet if you walk over the floor barefoot. In the worst case, you might even feel splinters prick through your sock! You should have a floor that is splintering sanded down for safety reasons. Of course, the sanding process will remove any finish that remains, so you'll need to follow the sanding with a refinishing service.

Dull-Looking Spots

This sign is easier to spot if your hardwood floor has a somewhat shiny or glossy finish. Areas where the finish is wearing away will start to look dull and lackluster. You may need to open the curtains or shine a light across the floor in order to see the dull spots clearly. Note that these spots may still be the same color as the rest of the floor. The sheen of a finish can often wear off before the color of the finish wears off. Nevertheless, the fact that the finish is starting to break down in some spots means you should have the floor refinished soon.

White Crumbs and Buildup

When you look across the floor, do you ever see any white residue or white crumbs? Maybe you notice a white fluff or buildup if you run your hand over the floor. This happens to certain wax-based finishes when they start to break down. The resulting look is not very nice or appealing, which means you will want to have your floors refinished. The good news is that hard wax finishes are easy to reapply, and you'll get rid of that white residue for years to come.

If you notice the signs above, your hardwood floor needs to be refinished. Contact a flooring company near you to refinish hardwood floors.