Why It's Worth Sealcoating Your New Asphalt Driveway

27 March 2023
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Have you just gotten your asphalt driveway installed and now you're being asked if you want to sealcoat it? Sealcoating is not just an upsell to try to get you to spend more money since it can offer you a lot of benefits that you may not know about.

Protect From The Weather

One main purpose of sealcoating an asphalt driveway is to protect the surface from all the various weather damage that it will see over the years. This includes rain, snow, and even sunlight. All of these things are going to naturally break down the asphalt over time, and the sealant acts as a clear and protective barrier that is going to give the asphalt driveway an extra layer between the surface and the weather.

Prevent Oxidation

Another problem that can happen to asphalt is oxidation. This is when the asphalt will become brittle over the years, which is due to the oxygen within the air that reacts to asphalt and prevent it from becoming flexible. This can cause an asphalt driveway to develop cracks over time and ruin the parts of the asphalt that are exposed to the air. An asphalt sealcoat is going to prevent oxygen from touching the surface and prevent the top layer of asphalt from becoming brittle. 

Enhance The Look

If you love the look of your freshly poured asphalt driveway, then know that a sealcoat is going to help preserve it for as long as possible. The sealcoat will end up enhancing the look of the asphalt by helping it maintain that dark and fresh look that you saw on the first day. While a sealcoat doesn't last forever, it will help the look of fresh asphalt last a bit longer than normal. 

Increase The Lifespan

All of these benefits of an asphalt sealcoat are going to ultimately increase the lifespan of the material. Fewer cracks means that you will have a longer period of time until repairs need to be made, which will eventually add up and require a new driveway. It can also increase the lifespan by minimizing the amount of maintenance that you have to do.

Save You Money 

Anything that prevents maintenance and repairs to asphalt is also going to save you money. Even though an asphalt sealcoat may cost you upfront, you'll see some long-term savings as a result that can make the sealcoat worth it. 

For more information on asphalt sealcoating, contact a professional near you.