2 Ways Winter Weather Can Severely Damage Your Home's Asphalt Driveway

17 November 2022
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The cold, snow, and ice that come with the winter season can cause a lot of damage to your property, including your asphalt driveway. One thing that you may think of that is associated with wintry weather is the deteriorating effects of road salt that you have to put down on the driveway so you can get out. However, road salt is not the only thing during winter that can harm the pavement. There are a couple of ways that wintry weather can severely damage your home's asphalt driveway to the point that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. Ground Heaves the Pavement From Underneath During the Freezing and Thawing Cycle

One problem caused by wintry weather that can greatly impact your driveway has to do with the ground underneath it. When the ground freezes and then thaws, this cycle causes the expansion and contraction of the soil. Through several of these cycles, the pressure causes the ground to heave up. As it does, it pushes against the pavement, causing it to rise.

Not only can this cause uneven pavement, but if the pressure is high enough, it can actually push the asphalt up enough that it breaks through. This causes large mounds and cracks on the driveway that need to be patched or repaved by a professional. 

2. Cracks Already Present Grow Bigger When Ice Expands Within Them

Another way that the winter weather can severely damage a driveway is that it can be destroyed through the cracks already present in the pavement. When snow or ice melts, the water runs into the crevices.

Then, when the water refreezes, the ice that forms expands and presses against the sides of the cracks. As the pressure from the expansion increases, the cracks grow larger and can even make the pavement crumble or break off. These cracks will need to be filled by a professional. If the damage is bad enough, whole sections may need to be replaced.

A bad winter can wreak havoc on your asphalt driveway. Ice forming and expanding in tiny cracks can cause them to grow and break the pavement apart. If the ground under the driveway goes through multiple freezing and thawing cycles, it will heave and push the pavement up. If your driveway sustains severe damage during the winter months, contact a contractor who offers asphalt paving services to have them inspect the pavement to see what needs to be done to either fix or repave it.

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