A Garage Design That Will Support Organization

23 May 2022
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Cabinetry and shelving can be added to an existing garage or a new one. An organizational system will free up garage floor space and keep valuable or fragile equipment out of harm's way. A garage design consultation may be conducted on a client's property. The consultant will take measurements and may speak to both the homeowner and their building contractor.

An Assessment

If a garage already exists and the design of the building will be upgraded, a consultant will need to view how large the garage is and the layout of the building. Walls, flooring, venting, and windows will be inspected. All of the building components that comprise an existing garage should be structurally sound. Any damage will be identified. Information that is compiled may be shared with both the homeowner and the contractor who will be installing an organizational system.

If a garage hasn't been built yet, a consultant may assess the parcel of land where a garage will be constructed. Being aware of space constraints will prevent design plans from needing to be modified at a later date. Limited space may require that smaller cabinets or shelves are installed or that recessed storage solutions are added to the new building.

A Consultation And Design Plan

A consultant will need to learn about a homeowner's habits. They may observe the contents of a garage to determine how much storage space an organizational system will require. They may interview a homeowner to get a better understanding of how the individual will be using the garage.

If a garage will double as a workshop, design plans may incorporate lighting, floor materials, and other essentials that will make the space more functional for the person who will be using it. If a garage is going to be used solely for storage, a consultant may seek insight from the homeowner. They may want to know what a homeowner's ideal layout would be for the garage or may seek information about any obstacles that the homeowner is currently facing, due to the number of items that are stored within an existing garage.

Upon conducting a face-to-face meeting, a consultant will use the information that they have compiled to prepare a design for the new organizational materials. If a homeowner has a budget, they will need to relay the monetary amount to the consultant. A consultant will choose materials and layouts that will be supportive of the budget. The design plans that are made will be shared with both the homeowner and their contractor.

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