How To Pick The Perfect Insulation For Your Attic

11 February 2022
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Your attic is one of the most vulnerable areas to temperature swings because it has such a large external surface area that gets pelted with rain, strong winds, and extreme sunshine. In addition to that, you have to remember that you lose a lot of heat through your attic due to hot air rising, which can make winter particularly expensive when you are trying to use your heaters to warm the building up. If you aren't sure what type of insulation you should choose for your attic, then here are a few things you should consider to make sure you come up with an educated choice. 

Harsher Winters

If you live in a geographic location that is known for having tougher winters than summers then you should be primarily focused on retaining heat. There are a few different types of attic insulation that are better at keeping you warm than cooling you down in summer, such as fiberglass fill or even spray foam insulation. Spray foam is particularly good because you can choose to have it open or closed-cell and it is very simple to apply into your attic that can have a lot of tricky little spaces that are otherwise impossible to reach normally.

Hot Summer

If, on the other hand, you know that summer is the time you are most worried about your electricity bill, then you might want to consider a radiant barrier in addition to your attic insulation. A radiant barrier works by reflecting that thermal heat at the sun, so it does not feel like your home is slowly being cooked by its strong rays. It is a very simple idea, but one that not enough homeowners know about, particularly in hotter areas of the country that do not have much cloud or tree coverage to shield your home naturally from the blazing hot star above it. 

Keeping The Noise Down

Maybe you just want a good all-around performer that works in both summer and winter but also helps keep the noise levels down because you live in a suburban or metropolitan area. Mineral wool is a great option here, as it is very thick and can do a good job no matter which end of the thermometer the mercury is currently sitting in. While it may be more expensive, it is also much more eco-friendly as it can come from mostly recycled parts that don't require the harvesting of new resources like fiberglass or spray foam. 

For more information, contact an attic insulation service in your area.