Learn About Some Log Home Materials

18 November 2021
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A log cabin can be used as your primary residence, a weekend retreat, or a structure that is utilized for storage. If you are the primary person responsible for the purchase of log home materials, consider the options that are available to you.

Custom Versus Prefabricated

A custom log cabin will contain all of the physical features you want. You can choose the placement of the logs, the number of rooms that will be supplied within the structure, and the number of doors and windows that the cabin will contain. A custom log cabin will involve having a contractor devise plans that will indicate how many logs will be needed for the interior and exterior components of the cabin. Your contractor may charge a set fee for each square foot of the structure.

A prefabricated cabin will be a specific size and shape. Materials that are needed for this type of cabin will be furnished through the manufacturer. Compare the square footage costs of either of these building types.

Take into consideration any additional steps that may need to be completed with either cabin style. For instance, a custom log home may result in the purchase of untreated logs. The logs may need to be stained, sealed, and treated for pests separately, which could increase the cost of the construction project.

Half Logs And Other Siding Materials

Solid logs are often used to construct a cabin, but this is not a requirement. Using half logs or other siding materials could reduce the cost of the construction project. Half logs will still give a cabin the same rustic appearance as a cabin that contains full logs. Half logs can be used mainly for aesthetic purposes and can be installed around each side of a cabin's exterior.

Half logs can also be used to cover the sides of non-load bearing walls that will be located within your new cabin. Speak to your contractor about using half logs for some of the construction. Your contractor will break down the cost savings and will determine the best placement for half logs.

If you want your home to possess a log cabin style but are open to integrating another style with it, research some alternate siding materials. Since logs are a natural material, you may want to use stone, wood shingles, or another natural material that will coincide with the logs. Alternate siding materials can be used to accent structural walls that comprise the cabin.