4 Indicators It Is Time For A Well Pump Service

2 November 2021
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Most homeowners are slowly switching private water sources to avoid depending too much on the public water sources. Private water wells have gradually become common, thanks to the host of benefits this option provides. You can significantly cut down your utility bills by simply investing in a water well and a reliable well pump. However, you need to maintain the well pump to ensure a constant clean water supply from your private well. The following are some signs it is time for a water well pump service.

1. Low Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure may signify fault within the well pump. Although low pressure may be caused by other issues, such as water leaks along the pipes or water tank, your well pump could actually be the source of the problem.

When you can't determine the precise cause of the low water pressure, it is best to call an expert for help. Let the professional diagnose the problem and offer a suitable solution through a comprehensive well pump service.

2. Air Spits From the Faucets and Showerheads

Have you noticed that water from your faucets and showerheads pours out in strong outbursts coupled with air spits? These water flow problems are caused by absorbed air, which could mean that the pump pulls up both water and air.

This problem may be due to a hole or crack in the pipe that connects the well pump to your plumbing system, drying up well, or the water table dropping to dangerous levels below the pump. Again, you can rely on a specialist to discover the true cause of the problem and offer a suitable solution.

3. Dirty Water

A change in taste or color of the water flowing from your faucets may indicate a fault in your water well. If you notice debris and sediment floating in the water, it is important to schedule a well pump service immediately.

When a pump is too powerful for the water well, or the pipes are positioned too far down the well, the pipes may start to suck out silt and dirt from the floor of the well. If the filter is damaged, you also need to replace it immediately.

4. No Water

If you turn on the faucet and there's no water at all, something is certainly amiss. Faulty well pumps may struggle to pull the water and push it into your plumbing system. You should rely on an expert to help you rectify the issue without compromising the pump's integrity.

Watch out for these signs to determine an appropriate time for a comprehensive well pump service. If you suspect your well pump has a problem, get in touch with the repair experts today for help. Contact a local service, such as Hull Well & Pump Service, to learn more.