4 Variations To Add Interest To Your Deck Railing

8 February 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A deck railing can add an important safety element to your deck but can also provide a stylish aesthetic upgrade. You don't have to compromise functionality to add flair with a deck railing that fits nicely with your style and aesthetic.

Whether you're installing a wooden deck railing or a vinyl one, you can add variations to make your railing more decorative. Here are some of the potential options for designing a deck railing with added visual interest.

1. Decorative finial variations

Finials, or post caps, can be placed along the railing at the tops of the posts. You can choose finials that match your railing posts in style, color, and material, or you can use a more decorative material for contrast.

Some shapes that you can choose between for finials include ball shapes, square finials, acorn-shaped finials, and more. You can even find post caps that are shaped like small lanterns and contain LED lights powered by tiny solar panels.

2. Top rail design variations

The top rail (or secondary handrail, if applicable) should be relatively consistent in shape and size in case someone needs to grab it for support. However, that doesn't mean you have no choice about its shape and design. For instance, you can choose a round handrail instead of a rectangular one, or one that has a little decorative detail such as beveled edges, and still have a functional railing.

3. Texture and shape variations

The part of the railing beneath the top rail can provide even more scope for the imagination. For instance, you could choose a railing with decoratively curved pickets, one with a lattice beneath the top rail, or even one with a wire structure that you can grow vines on. These different shapes and designs can add a textured look and another aesthetic element to the railing.

4. Finish and color variations

Even if you choose a plain wooden railing, you can finish it off with one of a variety of colorful finishes. You can choose natural-look finishes in shades from light to dark, or you can choose any color of paint you like. You can even paint multiple colors on the same railing. For instance, you could have the pickets painted white and add a contrasting color like blue to the top rail.

These are just a few ideas of how you can add visual interest to your deck's railing. This way, you can ensure that the railing adds something visually to your home's exterior as well as providing a safety function. Talk to a local deck railing contractor today to learn more about the options available in your area.