Bridges To Truth: Clearing Myths About Wooden Driveway Bridges

14 January 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your driveway leads across a creek or major dip, accessing your property can be a challenge. Implementing a bridge with the help of wood driveway bridge builders can add functionality and value to your property. Don't let some of the common myths about wooden bridges get in the way. 

Myth: Wooden driveway bridges break down quickly. 

Many people associate wood with rot, water damage, and termites. While these issues are obviously something that can come about with wood, modern wooden bridges are designed to deter all of the typical problems. For example, many bridge-building companies use glue-laminated engineered wood for the deck of the bridge. Engineered wood is created with particles that are better at withstanding the typical threats to natural wood, such as moisture, insects, and even fire. You could easily see one of these bridges last for decades with the proper care and maintenance. 

Myth: You can't drive heavier vehicles over a wooden bridge. 

Wooden bridges can be just as capable of withstanding a heavy load as any other bridge. When the wood driveway bridge builders initially get started on your project, they may discuss things like: 

  • How much traffic will generally be using the bridge on a daily basis 
  • What types of vehicles could be using the bridge 
  • If the bridge will be wide and strong enough to support more than one vehicle at one time 

From this information, the builders can determine how the bridge should be fabricated and supported to accommodate your needs as a property owner. For example, if you will be traveling back and forth across the bridge with heavy farm equipment, the wooden bridge will be equipped with added support beams. Or, if you have a lot of driveway traffic, the bridge will be created wide enough to allow for passing. 

Myth: Wooden bridges are only suitable for smaller areas. 

Even though wooden bridges are most commonly used to bridge a gap that is not that wide, you can have bridges built for larger property gaps as well. For many years, wood has been a common material used to create many large bridges. Therefore, you can have wood driveway bridge builders implement a structure to bridge the gap in your driveway even if the end bridge will be quite sizable. Additionally, the size of the bridge is not going to affect its overall capability of properly supporting the weight of crossing vehicles.

For more information, contact a timber driveway and bridge-building company.