Dealing With The Old Roofing Materials When Having A Roof Replacement Done

4 January 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you replace your shingles, they often need to be torn off. There are some occasions when a roof-over can be done. Usually, it is better to have the old roofing removed. There are things that you want to know about dealing with old asphalt roofing materials. The following information will help you deal with the old materials when having your roof replaced.

Evaluating Roofing Condition

First, the surface of the roof needs to be inspected to determine if the old materials need to be removed. If there is a single layer of lightweight single-tab shingles, you may want to consider leaving these materials. If there is severe wear, the asphalt shingles should be torn off before installing new roofing materials. Talk to the roofer about inspecting your roof to decide if a tear-off and repairs are needed.

Protecting Outdoor Areas During the Tear-off

There are outdoor spaces that will need to be protected while the old roofing is torn off. Some of the things that you should do to protect these areas include:

  • Remove lawn furniture and landscaping decorations
  • Transplant and move delicate outdoor plants
  • Protect large plants and shrubs with drop cloths

If plants can be transplanted, they can be put in large containers to care for them until the roof replacement project has been completed. This will help ensure the delicate plants are not damaged during the roof replacement. 

Dealing With the Waste Materials When Shingles Are Removed

There is also going to be waste materials that you will have to deal with when removing shingles. Talk to the roofing contractor about dumpsters or if they have their own dump truck to dispose of materials. If they don't have a dump truck, you will probably need to rent a roll-off container to keep your property clean while work is being done.

Inspecting the Decking Surface Before New Shingles Are Installed

You will also need to inspect the surface of the roof once the shingles have been removed. If the shingles were severely worn, there will be issues with the roof decking that will require repairs. Ensure the decking is repaired, and ask about improvements that will help prevent future wear and damage.

The old roofing materials can often be hauled away by the contractor, but you may have to rent a roll-off dumpster. Contact a roofing replacement service in your area and talk to them about disposing of the old materials before installing new shingles.