Key Advice When Buying Replacement Garage Door Springs

18 December 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Without working springs, you wouldn't be able to get in and out of the garage. If your garage door springs are at the point where it needs a replacement, be sure you do these things as to ensure the garage door works great after installation is over.

Get Familiar With Current Spring System 

It's always recommended to carefully review your current spring system before looking for a new one. You'll then be able to identify required components and ensure the replacement is compatible for the garage door and system that's on your home. Some things to review include the number of included springs, the hardware keeping them in place, and general working knowledge of how the spring system works. After finding out these details, you should have a clear path to this replacement. Talking to suppliers also will be easier because you're up to speed on spring terminology and mechanisms.

Gather Spring Measurements

You can avoid getting the wrong replacement spring system if you're careful about gathering spring measurements. You'll need to look at certain aspects of the springs in particular when approaching this measuring. That includes the length of the existing springs around your garage, their diameter on the interior, and finally, the wire size. If you don't feel capable of gathering these measurements, a garage door technician can take over and ensure your estimates are accurate. Then you'll know exactly what spring size to go with for a smoother and safer installation.

Check Balance Post-Installation

Once the replacement springs arrive and get set up, you don't want to continue using the garage door like you normally would. Before this, you want to make sure the door is in fact balanced because even slight maladjustments with spring tightness can affect this attribute. Testing the door's balance lets you determine if installation was a success or if more adjustments are still required with the replacement springs. Again, if you don't feel safe carrying out this testing, you can just hire an experienced garage door contractor. They'll find out the results of your door's balance and suggest adjustments if there are still issues.

One of the most important components you may have to replace for your garage door is the spring system. Instead of leaving this purchase and installation up to chance, review your garage door's requirements so that the new set works out safely and remains this way for years. Find a garage door repair company near you like Plano Overhead Garage Door today.