Should You Buy A Home With A Sump Pump? Information For Homebuyers

4 December 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Prospective buyers have a lot to deal with right now. In addition to the problems associated with viewing homes during a pandemic, many are also dealing with low listing inventories and too much competition from other equally frustrated buyers.

When buyers in this position find a home they love, they sometimes submit an offer without taking time to carefully examine all the details. Buyers who have just had their rushed purchase offer accepted only to discover that the home is equipped with a sump pump may worry they have made a huge mistake. Fortunately, that is probably not true, and here are some reasons why. 

Sump pumps cure and prevent problems 

The presence of a sump pump should not be taken as an indication of an existing water problem. While sump pumps can be installed to correct an existing problem, they are also used as a preventative in some low-lying or moisture-prone areas to ensure that homeowners will not have to experience a flooded basement or crawlspace. 

Sump pumps operate only as needed

Power usage and how it affects the utility bill is a common concern for those who are unfamiliar with sump pumps. Modern sump pumps are equipped with float activators and pressure sensors that activate the pump only when water levels rise enough to trigger them. This as-needed operation ensures power usage is limited to when pumping action is needed. 

Manually operated sump pumps are available but are generally not a convenient option for busy families who may not be available to turn the appliance on and off as needed. 

Sump pump alarms are available

Homeowners who worry that their sump pump could fail without their knowledge and allow their basement or crawlspace to flood may want to talk to their installation contractor about adding an alarm system to their pump. A sump pump alarm uses a trigger system to alert homeowners when the pump fails to activate normally, even though the water level is high enough to do so. 

Sump pumps are easily installed and replaced

Like all appliances, sump pumps can fail and need periodic replacement. The actual lifespan of a sump pump will depend on the level of usage, but most provide years of dependable service. Because the sump pit, drain system, and wiring are already in place, the replacement of an existing sump pump will be a much simpler and less expensive process than an initial installation.

New homeowners who want to learn more about the sump pump installation process, or those that need to have an existing sump pump repaired or replaced, should contact a reputable sump pump installation contractor in their area.