Custom Airstream Renovation Ideas For Winter Projects To Finish By Spring

11 November 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you do not have any travel plans this winter, it is a great time for an Airstream renovation. There are a lot of custom features that can be added to the design of your RV. The following custom Airstream renovation ideas are projects you may want to start this winter:

Vintage Restoration for a Modern Airstream

The restoration of your Airstream can be restoring the retro interior. The only problem is that old materials are often damaged and outdated. You may want to consider materials that retain the retro look but improve your RV, such as:

  • Lightweight composite paneling with vintage-style veneers
  • Laminate and engineered floors with retro styles
  • Lightweight shower and bathroom units with a vintage look
  • Custom cabinets designed for lighter RV designs

These are materials that can be used for a retro RV restoration. Using more durable and lighter materials will ensure your Airstream lasts for years.

Fusion of Retro and Modern Designs

You may want to fuse the retro interior with new design features. You can retain some of the features that make your RV unique and add features that enhance the design. Some of the options to fuse retro and modern designs include:

  • Use elements with wood-style veneers
  • Add bright colors to contrast dark wood grains
  • Install modern technology and retro-style controls

These ideas will help you fuse the retro aspects of your interior with more modern features. You may need help with the installation of surfaces and hardware to complete these designs for your Airstream.

Contemporary Makeovers for Modern Restorations

The interior of your RV is going to be completely gutted before the restoration work is completed. Therefore, you may want to consider a completely modern design. The following contemporary design features may be perfect for your project:

  • Sleek cabinets with hidden hardware
  • Automated window shades and controls
  • Modern flooring and paneling with contemporary style

These contemporary features will give your Airstream a custom look. The modern materials in the interior also reduce curb weight. This helps to improve handling and reduce fuel consumption when you travel.

Restoring the Exterior with Modern Equipment

The exterior is an area where you want to invest in improvements and modern equipment. First, you want to make sure the metal body is repaired. You also want to update the frame and equipment with improvements, such as:

  • Upgrading the RV frame and trailer hitch
  • Replacing the old wiring with modern wiring and LED lights
  • Installing automated awnings for covered space when parked
  • Adding a trailer brake system to make traveling safer

These exterior restorations and equipment improvements will help make your RV safer. You want to install a trailer brake system to improve handling.

These are custom Airstream renovations that you may want to consider for projects this winter. Call an Airstream renovation service for help with improvements you can't do on your own.