Custom Home Remodeling To Create Modern Kitchens And Gathering Spaces

19 October 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Today, there are a lot of options for remodeling projects. When your home is old and outdated, a custom home remodeling project can give you something you have always dreamed of. Modern kitchen designs and open-concept spaces will give your home a fresh new design. How are you going to design the new kitchen for your remodeling project?

Begin with the existing floorplan to start designing

The existing floorplan is the starting point for a custom remodeling job. If you have access to the original drawings of your home, they can be a great help. Use the drawings of your current floorplan to start designing your custom space. When designing and deciding what you want the remodeling to look like, try some of the following ideas:

  • Decide where to add valuable space to your floorplan
  • Create a different layout for the kitchen and main living space
  • Decide where additions will work in the new design

Using the existing floorplan drawings will help you play with different design options. After you have a few ideas, use these original drawings to create the custom design drawings for your home.

Remove walls to give your home an open-concept design

Today, open-concept designs are trendy. When remodeling an older home, this means that some of the walls may need to be removed. But, which walls should you get rid of? Areas that can benefit from a more open design include:

  • Kitchens with breakfast areas
  • Family rooms and dining rooms
  • Entrance foyers that open to gathering spaces

Remove walls in these areas to help give your home a more modern and open design. Sometimes, simple solutions like a pass-through or kitchen bar space can do a lot to open up space in your home.

Designing the kitchen for more space and an open gathering area

The kitchen will benefit the most from an open-concept design. This is because it is often an area that needs more space when remodeling. Therefore, you will want to consider solutions like removing kitchen walls and adding multipurpose dining areas. Some open-concept solutions that can help give your kitchen more space include:

  • A mobile kitchen island that can give you space when you need it
  • Fewer high kitchen cabinets for a more spacious feeling
  • Built-in dining area that adds space and provides seating

Connecting the family room and other gathering spaces with an open-concept

There are other areas in your home where you want to have more space. The family room, living rooms, and dining rooms are spaces that can be connected with an open design. You may also want to do things like using different flooring and materials to separate these spaces without closing them off. Some solutions to make these areas feel more spacious include:

  • Installing larger windows for natural light
  • Moving to higher ceilings in your remodeling design
  • Removing walls and replacing them with exposed timber beams
  • Using pass-through openings to connect spaces

With an open concept design and new kitchen, your home will become what you have always dreamed of. For more information about new custom home remodeling, contact a local remodeling service.