Common Reasons For Repair Calls With In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems

26 June 2020
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The draw of radiant heating systems in the floor is easy to understand. You get a form of heating that is quiet, efficient, and allows you to directly control the temperature in every room of your home. Not to mention, people love radiant floor heating because it allows you to comfortably step across a bare floor in bare feet and feel nothing but warmth.

While radiant heating systems in the floor are designed to have long life spans, these systems do occasionally have issues that require a call to a heating repair service. Here is a look at some of the most common reasons for repair calls with in-floor radiant heating. 

Some parts of the radiant system are not producing heat as they should. 

Sometimes homeowners will refer to this issue as cold spots, which essentially means there are certain areas in a room where there seems to be no heat radiating from the floor. The in-floor radiant heating system involves a mat that goes directly under the flooring and has a series of wires that produce heat. If there are cold spots where there is no heat, it typically means some parts of the wired system are not getting power. Unfortunately, the full floor mat may have to be replaced in this kind of situation. 

The radiant heat system will not shut off unless you manually shut it off. 

One of the more frustrating reasons for a call to a heating repair technician with radiant heating in the floor is if the system will not shut off. All radiant flooring systems are zoned, which means there will be individual controls for certain areas of the house. Typically, if one of the controllers is not turning off the system, it simply means the controller has gone bad, which is a relatively easy fix. 

The system trips the circuit breaker every time you turn it on. 

A tripped circuit breaker with your in-floor radiant heating system is a sign of an electrical issue. You may have some wiring in the heating mat that has somehow gotten damaged. For example, if you have had issues with heat, there may be some frayed wires in the heating mat. The tripping circuit breaker is just the system doing what it is supposed to do in order to protect your home. Therefore, it is best to leave the system off until the situation can be resolved. 

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