Waterfront Features To Give Your Lakeside Home Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

23 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have the perfect vacation home on lakefront property, you may be ready to start improving it. Marine construction is used to add waterfront features that protect your home or give you more enjoyment, such as the addition of retaining walls (seawalls) to protect against rising water or boat docks to enjoy recreation. Here are some of the marine construction projects to give your lakefront home more water recreation enjoyment:

1. Installing Seawalls to Protect Your Property from Erosion and Loss of Terrain

Seawalls are retaining walls that are installed at the edge of the waterfront. The seawall will help protect your property from damage due to flooding and rising waters. Installing a seawall is also a good solution to protect your landscaping from erosion that can cause you to lose valuable terrain as soils are washed away when water levels rise. The seawalls are made of various materials, such as concrete, stone and wood materials. You can even have them faced with a material like decking to make them match other waterfront features, such as a deck you've had installed by Decks-Decks-Decks.

2. Docks and Manmade Beaches to Give Lakefront Property Watersports Recreation

Docks are an essential part of a lakefront property, and they will give you all that you need to enjoy recreation on the water. For building docks and other features, you will want to use a material that is resistant to the harsh environment on the waterfront, which can quickly cause wood materials to rot. Instead of using conventional decking materials, consider products like Trex Transcend decking, which are composite materials made from recycled plastics and other waste. Composite decking is a durable choice for a water-resistant material on marine structures.

3. Boathouses, Lifts and Canopies to Enjoy Boating and Fishing on Lakefront Property

Boathouses are another marine construction project that will provide you with recreation on the water. You may want to have boat lifts to store and maintain boats, while a boat house and canopy will give you a place for recreation. Boathouses can also incorporate features like docks or rooftop decks to enjoy waterfront recreation like fishing and swimming at the shore of the lake.

These are some of the waterfront marine construction projects to give your home all the features you want for your recreation time. Keep these ideas in mind as you work to maximize your water front homes enjoyment.