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Forex Trading: Putting The Stop Loss

by forexrobot on August 16, 2011

While dealing with stop loss, the trader should learn to determine level of its statement. It is possible to do it at the rate of the greatest possible losses, being guided concerning support levels \resistance. Let’s give an example determinations of stop loss at the rate of the greatest possible losses for one transaction. We [...]

Forex Education

by forexrobot on August 16, 2011

Well, you obviously have actually heard of foreign currency trading. Of course, this name certainly points to one special very lucrative and also profitable type of business which is a true financial breakthrough to many individuals in our harsh economic times. And so trading in the modern forex market is very easy and simple to [...]

Foreign Currency Trading Tools

by forexrobot on August 16, 2011

For sure, there is no secret that one of the greatest and also best available ways to earn good money at the moment is definitely by trading in the modern forex market. Besides, forex is known as well as so called foreign exchange market. In fact, this is exactly where a big part of the [...]

How Exactly To Trade Forex

by forexrobot on July 5, 2011

In fact, forex or foreign exchange is that kind of market for trading various foreign currencies. Besides, it is also the biggest financial market all over the world. For sure, the key reason for the huge popularity of this kind of trading is the actual liquidity of it, thus the bid and offer spreads are [...]

Also it is well known that highly technological industries use the greatest popularity among investors. It follows from this that at change of a NASDAQ index which most of all concerns highly technological industries, there are also changes in a yen rate. For example at improvement of a condition of a NASDAQ index rather S&P, [...]