Queenbury investments scam - Queensbury investments - Ron Carter-An EX Floor Trader With 28 Years Of Trading Experience, His Son Brian And His Pro Forex Robot

Ron Carter-An EX Floor Trader With 28 Years Of Trading Experience, His Son Brian And His Pro Forex Robot

by forexrobot on May 28, 2010

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Discover a Forex Trading System that made 2956% PROFIT in just 1 month. Watch this Freedom Forex Formula video that reveals a FREE Forex Method that makes 7,913 pips from just one market move! Discover Pro Forex Robot. Ron Carter on his Pro Forex Robot: I know, you probably want proof (I would too if I didn’t believe it) There you can see the results for yourself. All you have to do is scroll just under the first video, and the live trading accounts are all listed, there is a different one for each trading pair. So whats that mean if you can’t invest 10,000 in each pair?

Well many brokers will let you open an account with $500, some even with $50, but the point is, no matter if you put $10 in each currency pair to start with, or $100,000 in each currency pair to start with you will make money. What many people do is take a portion of that money as profit, and keep trading with the rest. Of course on the demo accounts, we just keep letting them run, eventually there will be a few million dollars in the demo accounts, and then tens of millions and from there you get the idea.

The overall point is, Brian, nor myself, are making money on you buying our product, that money goes to support the PFR upgrades as well as customer service. So what I want you to do now, is think about where your life is without PFR – Do you have a steady income? Do you consider yourself financially stable? If you wanted to go on vacation to Bora Bora tomorrow, could you? Do you own a nice home? How about a nice car? Now consider putting forth a little bit of money, use whatever number you feel comfortable with, but lets say your prepared to be without this money for a few months… Now, multiply that number by 1.9 – then do it again – then do it again, then do it again.

Write that number down, then multiply it 3 more times by 1.9 each time. What was your initial investment? Mine was $400, after 7 months of trading without pulling any profit, I came up with $35,754.87 – So I guess the question is, can you live without a few hundred bucks for a few months? What if you only pulled out 40% of your projected earnings, and let the rest multiply? Well, I’ll let you do the math on that one. If you look closely at our sales page, you’ll see an independent study showing the bottom line return at 43%, but 2 others on that same report, over 100%

Now… Look at the initial amount you said you were willing to invest, look at the potential 7 months down the road. The power, the money, the wealth – Its within your grasp, are you prepared to walk away? Close this window that means “Yes Ron, I’m prepared to walk away from a small investment with a lifetime of opportunity” Or prove your a winner!

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