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Profit Guarantee Forex Automated System Robot

by forexrobot on July 6, 2010

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Forex robot is software that can be installed on your forex trading platform to monitor the forex signals and automate the forex trading process without your interference. Forex robot are also known as automated forex system or forex expert advisor.

Here I want to share with you a professional forex robot reviews that can help you find the best forex robot on the market, so you can skip the testing process of forex robots that could cost you thousands of dollars and directly start with the best performance forex robots.
Let me first share with you some recent statistics on the forex trading market.

This market is growing very fast, it has reached a 320% growth in the 2009 and it is expected to grow more on this year. It has reached on April 2010 a 3.7 billion dollar.

78% of new traders are losing money, individuals have lost approximately 149 million dollars per month last year, and 60% of those new traders have quite after 2 month of trading.
Brokers are the highest earners on this market, after them came the expert traders from the US, Canada, Australia and surprising India.
7% of new traders have reached a million dollars on profits within 2009.

And the last thing I want to tell you about this statistic is that forex trading is the number one opportunity to make money on the internet. And it’s increasing like fire.

You can see how powerful forex trading can be, but also you can see that it can be a disaster for some. But thanksfully there is a way to minimize the risk and maximize the profits from forex trading. It’s called forex robots.

Forex robots are a sophisticated algorithm that works with your trading platform (generally meta trader 4) and analyze the forex signals to predect changes on this signal so it can open new deals to make profits.
Some robots only analyze the history of given currency pair and can predict small changes, it can detect downward and upward impulse, and when it’s fading and it can automatically open and close deals within those impulses.
Other forex robots are connected to hidden channels from where it can get more information like news and trends and trade according to the information it get, by analyzing the information and open new deals, then close those deals when it reached a certain profit rate.

And there are some robots that are connected to a forex signals provider and trade the forex only with the signals it get, this type trade with small profits only, it open a deal and close it after a short time with few PIPS only. To guarantee small profits and minimize the lose rate.

Also there are some robots that are worthless, people design those robots to scam other people and make some money selling them these worthless robots.

Forex robot developer will never share with you the algorithm they use, or the strategy their robot use to trade. So to find the best robot by performance you need to test it. However testing robots could cost you thousands of dollars that you can use in your forex account instead.

Personally I have tested with a colleague of mine about 9 forex robots on the market, and I am talking about the affordable robots that are less than $500 value, and ended up with three very good and reliable forex robots that could provide good results for any trader.

You can read our 3 forex robot reviews here Forex Robots Review.

We had also rate those robots to point out the best forex robot from them

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