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Guy Cohen online training session

by forexrobot on May 15, 2010

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By: Mike

Veteran trader, Guy Cohen recently announced his upcoming online training session, where he will be taking on the “Big Bank Brotherhood”.

His attorney suggested he keeps ‘what he knows’ private, and not directly take on the big banks.


Guy believes people deserve to know the truth, so the he is moving full steam ahead,

The three time slots for Wednesday’s presentation are starting to fill up faster then we thought,so keep in mind it is important to get registered ASAP.

Some very tough questions will be answered Wednesday, and remember the Big Bankers do NOT want you to know this stuff:

** How the big banks manipulate the market – real examples

** The three letters the Big Banks hate (and they aren’t “SEC”)

** Step by step strategy to ‘spying’ on the big banks trades so you can potentially profit WITH THEM.

** And much more that cannot be disclosed publically!

He showed his insiders:

- How the Big Banks made a huge power grab that allowed them to grow unchecked

- Why Wall Street never fights fair (and neither should you)

- The exact information YOU need to be able to fight back (and how you can get it).

If you haven’t seen the report yet, you can still get access today. You need to see this information to
understand why you’ll NEVER:

- get out from under your banker’s thumb.

- be able to trust your broker.

- have the freedom to do what you want to do (when you want to do it).

So, unless these Big Bankers can find a way to put a stop to this, which is doubtful, make sure you get signed up for WEDNESDAY, MAY 19th.

This link secures your seat AND access to special report:

12pm Eastern

4pm Eastern

8pm Eastern

Pick the best time for YOU and set an alarm! You will NOT want to miss this!

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