Investment Options For Retirees-to-be

by forexrobot on June 14, 2010

These days you can not open a newspaper, read a magazine or turn on the television without being reminded of the current economic recession. The disadvantage of the stock market has left many investors with a 40-50% decline in value of the portfolio. If you are under 40 and investing for the long term, the current stock market crash can not affect your current life situation. But if you are retired or are nearing retirement, the money we had to get through retirement can not be there. This is a serious crisis that currently affects 70 million Americans in the baby boomer category. Retirees are trying to find a way to increase your income to supplement their retirement savings. But back to work full time is not an attractive idea and is not an easy task to get a job when you are over 60. Part-time employment is an option, but working 20 hours a week at minimum wage just makes a difference and does not seem worth the effort.

What if a retiree could use his 30 years of work experience, extensive knowledge and special skills in a special field, to provide short-term, specific projects to help companies that need temporary assistance? Companies throughout the U.S. are seeking ways to reduce costs and employee layoffs are the first place they start. But the business is carried out, the work must get done and problems be solved. The growing trend for many companies is the elimination of one full-time and replace it with a fixed-term consultant. A consultant can be hired at an hourly rate or paid by project, without any payment for benefits, holidays, allowances, etc. This is a very attractive alternative for companies that are struggling to stay afloat in a tough economy.

Retirees are the perfect choice for a chance to consultant. Not only have years of specific industry experience, knowledge and skills, but tend to have a strong work ethic, a better understanding of customer service and a high level of maturity and responsibility. Retirees mostly do not need health insurance, a retirement program or life insurance, because you have these in place. The flexibility and independent nature of a business consultant is perfect for retirees, allowing them to continue to enjoy retirement, while income generation, as needed. All that is needed to obtain a business consultant out of the ground is a little research, some simple marketing and a little time to put the business plan based in part on the best place. The retired / consultant company party is that everyone comes out ahead. Retirees can earn more without taking up all your free time and companies can “hire” an expert without taking all your money.

Today lots of people are concerned about retirement investing. Beyond any doubt there are no universal solutions on retirement investing market that can satisfy everybody. But if you do your due diligence of what is offered on this market – it will be much easier to make a wise and well balanced pension program choice.

If you decided to make the investment into stocks to be part of your pension plan, please make a proper use of these stock market news.

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