5 Reasons You Should Select StartOptions As Your Only Binary Options Trading Platform

by forexrobot on July 29, 2010

With several binary options trading platforms on the market to choose from, it has become extremely important for you to choose the platform that combines speed and functionality with user friendliness. One platform that stands out from all the rest is StartOptions. From free paper trading accounts to low minimum trade amounts to attractive deposit bonuses, StartOptions offers a little of everything for both beginner and advanced binary options traders. Here are 5 specific reasons you should choose StartOptions as your primary binary options broker:

1. Free Money: StartOptions offers some of the most attractive deposit bonuses for binary options traders, with 25% being the usual bonus amount advertised on its site. However, visitors of http://www.DerivStrategies.com can boost that deposit bonus up to 40% by registering for free for the StartOptions platform through the DerivStrategies website. So visit DerivStrategies.com, register for StartOptions and receive your 40% deposit bonus.

2. Free Practice Account: For those new to binary options trading, StartOptions provides access to a free practice trading account either through their own site or through their partner site, Tradesmarter. Take the opportunity to work on your strategies and gain a better feel of how binary options trade, risk- free. Register with StartOptions today to open up your free binary options trading account.

3. 10 Minute Lock Out Period: With all leading binary options trading platforms, the last time at which you can trade within a given expiration is usually set minutes before the expiration. This lock-out time varies amongst platforms. StartOptions offers a very attractive lock-out period of only 10 minutes. This allows traders to place trades all the way up until 10 minutes prior to expiration. Some of the leading binary options trading platforms institute a 15-minute lock-out period; while that may not seem that important on the surface, when dealing with 60-minute expiration options 5 minutes means a lot.

4. Real-Time Sentiment Indicator: StartOptions is one of the few binary options trading platforms to provide real-time sentiment indicators by asset. Check the primary trading page during market hours and you can easily view the percentage of put contracts being purchased vs. the call contracts being purchased by online binary options traders on a real time basis.

5. Low Minimum Initial Deposit and Trade Amounts: Registration for the StartOptions platform is Free. To start trading StartOptions requires a minimum initial deposit of only $100. The minimum amount per trade required by StartOptions is only $30, one of the lowest minimum trade amounts required by binary options trading platforms.

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