3 Ways to Become Rich on the Internet with Jamie McIntyre

by forexvine on May 24, 2010

Jamie McIntyre teaches there are 3 ways rich people make cash: Property, Shares and Business.~I learned in Jamie McIntyre program there are 3 strategies to turn rich: Business, Stock Investment and Real Estate.~Jamie McIntyre shows that individuals get rich in 3 forms: Shares, Property and Business.} You can get involved in these 3 approaches, but I will explain the business strategy here.

If you choose to make cash with business, the quickest and less risky way to make cash is going online.  On the Internet you don’t need to spend a lot of cash to initiate.

In order to make money with your Internet business you can stick to  a uncomplicated 3 point system:

1) Locate a product to commercialize

To begin with you have to find a product that will satisfy the needs of a starving group. If you really want to make it online it is vital to discover a great amount of individuals that are prepared to use their credit cards.

A starving crowd is a bunch of browsers that are in great have to and are emotionally attached to their needs. Examples are people anxious to lose weight, to cure a disease or to make money rapid.

You can either sell physical or digital products to these markets. Digital products are the ones you distribute online via download pages or via email. Digital products include template designs and graphic packages, written content such as articles, guides, eBooks, tutorials, membership access, newsletter subscriptions, as well as video guides, audio clips, and other types of media.   

2) Bring people to your pages

Once you find a target audience, the next stage is to produce a site and bring visitors so you can make money. Imagine having a store with no one showing up, that’s the same as a site with no visitors.

The main categories of traffic driving tactics are: paid and free.

One major paid approach is through Google advertising using the AdWords program.By advertising this way you can have your ad shown up on Google. Let’s say sell mobile phones online, you can choose to have your ad appearing on Google when someone types “Nokia new model”.

This is the quickest way to get individuals to your site.You can draw visitors within a few hours from when you press “go” inside Adwords.

Through the organic or free method your objective is to position your site as high as possible on Google’s natural results. After you arrive at Google first page you begin to receive a lot of traffic for free, depending on your keyword pick.

3) Make people spend money

Once your website is receiving a constant flow of visitors you need to convert those visitors into buyers. Your website needs to follow several guidelines to assure it will make profit.

You need to present quality content on your pages. Your content tells your reader how much you understand about what you are selling and creates trust, improving your chances to sell.

Your pages need to entice visitors to buy using relevant product benefits and convincing the users to buy.

The website layout needs to be clear and easy to follow. Call to action, or phrases that indicate what you want the visitor to do must be in the right places.

After you reach your goals and start selling, then you can even outsource the maintenance of the site and begin building a new one.

By following these 3 phases repeatedly you make ongoing money on the long term.

This is just one tactic you can learn on Jamie McIntyre homestudy and if you take action on what you find out it will make a big difference on your journey to become rich.

Marcelo Perlingeiro is a memberof Jamie McIntyre 21st Century Academy and is a full time web marketer. Visit his website to discover more about what happened to him and some of his thoughts on Jamie’s teachings and wealth creation at www.myjamiemcintyrestory.com.

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Joe Blow August 8, 2010 at 1:25 am

The funny whilst also sad but true reality of this is that YOU – the person writing this blog will never be successful. You are scammed by 21st century academy. Did you honestly pay thousands of dollars to him and probably some other speaker to learn this very basic information that you can get online?

Good luck schmuck.

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