How Stucco Remediation Helps New Homeowners

9 February 2023
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Buying a new home is always an exciting experience but requires a careful approach to get it right. There are many steps that many people may not expect, such as having to upgrade their stucco to make it as strong as possible for their needs. Thankfully, remediation experts can provide a three-coat stucco that improves a home's value and makes it more comfortable for a new buyer. 

Why Stucco Remediation Is Wise When Buying a New Home 

Anyone buying a new home with stucco may find remediation an excellent investment option. Stucco is a powerful way of protecting a home, but it may have needed to be addressed for a better-maintained home. Even worse, low-quality stucco may have been installed and caused more problems than it's worth. Three-coat stucco remediation can help by providing three different coats:

  • Scratch Coat: This coating helps to provide the basic protection against scratching that a home needs. It can also help hold the remaining two coats together by delivering a more accessible base to work with and ensuring proper structural integrity for the other two layers.
  • Brown Coat: The middle coat of three-coat stucco adheres to the scratch coat and provides extra insulation protection. It also provides a stronger supporting layer that strengthens the last coat and provides the long-term insulation benefits that a new homeowner deserves.
  • Finish Coat: The last stucco coat is designed to provide a solid and beautiful look that makes the stucco more attractive. It is usually carefully selected to match a home's style, so the new owner can choose an option that appeals to their taste and style preferences.

These three coats are installed over a meshing lath to ensure a proper structure. In addition, a weather barrier is added to minimize damage from rain and moisture, which is critical during rainy and snowy seasons. These protective extras can ensure that a home's exterior doesn't wear down with time and will provide the long-lasting benefits that a new homeowner wants and expects after a purchase.

Installing Stucco ASAP

New homeowners should get an inspection on their home's stucco right away to make sure that it is strong. If they detect problems in an assessment, they might get the seller to install new stucco or discount the installation price from the home sale. Whatever option a homeowner takes, getting new stucco after buying a home is crucial to create the quality house they deserve.

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