Interpreting Camera Sewer Line Inspections To Determine The Repairs Your Pipes Need

19 November 2020
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When you have a problem with sewer lines, a camera sewer line inspection can help you solve problems. Once the inspection has been done, though, you are going to need to interpret the results. You need to find the problem to decide what repairs need to be done. The following sewer line camera inspection information will help you decide how to repair the problems:

Locate Problems With Roots in Lines

Roots can be a serious problem that causes damage to sewer lines. When you have a sewer line inspection done, the camera can quickly locate the problem with roots. There are several options to repair pipes with root damage, which include:

  • Noninvasive drilling to replace the line
  • Sewer line jetting to clear out the roots
  • Replacing the small sections of pipe with the root damage

These are some of the repairs that may need to be done to deal with roots in sewer lines.

Identifying the Collapsed Sections of Pipe

There are also pipes that can be vulnerable to collapse. These issues are often due to problems with old materials, but pipes can collapse for several reasons. The reasons your sewer lines may have collapsed include:

  • Heavy loads on the pipe like vehicles and equipment
  • Decaying pipes that eventually weaken and collapse
  • Problems with damaged pipes that collapse at joints

These are the reasons why your sewer lines may have collapsed. If you have a problem with collapsed lines, you may need to have them replaced.

Determining the Condition of Decaying Pipes

Another problem that you are going to need to deal with is decaying pipes. This is a problem that can lead to several issues. The old sewer line pipe materials that cause the most problems with decay include:

  • Old cast iron sewer line pipes
  • Clay pipes that are decaying
  • Old cast cement pipes that have decayed

These are old sewer line materials that cause the most problems with decay. If you have old decaying sewer lines, you have a couple of options to repair the problem.

Choosing the Best Noninvasive Solution to Fix These Problems

Once you know what the problem with your sewer lines is, you will want to begin repairs. Some of the following solutions will help solve the problems with your sewer lines:

  • Noninvasive drilling to replace the pipes
  • Excavations to replace the smaller damaged sections of pipe
  • Retrofitting the old pipes with a modern liner to restore them

These are the solutions that will help solve the problems with your sewer lines. To extend the life of old pipes, retrofitting them with a liner can be a great option.

These things will help you interpret the results of a sewer line inspection. Call a sewer line camera inspection service and ask about inspecting your pipes. Often, repairs can be done with modern noninvasive technology, such as retrofitting the pipe with a lining.