Cleaning And Servicing The Condenser Coils Is An Important Part Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

8 July 2020
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Your air conditioner needs to have regular maintenance so it operates at peak efficiency and so you can avoid breakdowns due to neglect. You can do some things, such as keep the AC clean and the filter changed, but you still need an AC technician to perform preventative maintenance at least once a year on your system. One important task that needs to be done is to clean and maintain the condenser coils outside. Here's a look at how that's done.

Check For Damage And Dirt

The condenser is outside and exposed to rain, so the coils are washed by rain occasionally. This keeps dirt down, but since dust and leaves can blow in the cage, the coils need to be cleaned off manually too. When the AC technician makes a service call, they determine the level of cleaning needed for the coils and they also look for damage. Refrigerant flows through the coils, so if there are any holes, they have to be repaired or refrigerant will continue to leak out.

Clean The Coils

The technician may use a coil cleaning brush to gently scrub away stuck-on dirt. They may also use a foaming coil cleaner that reacts with dirt and debris to get the coils as clean as possible. Since refrigerant passes through the coils, the coils should be kept clean so the refrigerant can do the best job of cooling your home.

Straighten And Clean The Fins

When you look at the side of the condenser, you'll notice rows of thin pieces of metal. These are the fins that are attached to the coils to protect them from damage. The fins can become clogged with leaves and dirt, so they need to be cleaned too. The fins can even get bent so they're flat and block airflow.

Bent fins need to be straightened out so there is optimal airflow around the coils to help with cooling your home. Straightening the fins is a job you can do throughout the summer with a fin comb. Ask the AC technician to show you how if you want to maintain the fins yourself until the next service call.

Repair Leaking Coils

One thing the AC technician checks on an annual service call is the level of refrigerant. If it's low, the leak has to be tracked down. The leak can be anywhere along the refrigerant lines indoors or outdoors, and if the leak is in one of the coils, the coil has to be repaired.

If the leak is bad enough, it may be necessary to replace the condenser coils, which is an expensive repair. This is one reason regular cleaning and checking of your AC is so important. Maintenance helps you avoid the need for costly repairs.

For more information, contact an air conditioning maintenance service.