6 Reasons You May Want To Put A Metal Roof On Your Home

27 April 2020
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When your home needs a new roof, you might get asphalt shingles again, but consider if a metal roof would be a better choice. You can switch to metal and even have a metal roof put over old shingles if your roof is in good enough shape. Here are some reasons to seriously consider making the switch to metal roofing.

1. It's Hard For You To Keep Up With Roof Maintenance

An asphalt shingle roof needs regular maintenance to prevent leaking and to help it have a long life. If you can't, or don't like to, climb up on the roof to replace shingles or knock off leaves, maintenance can become a problem.

A metal roof needs occasional maintenance too, but metal usually needs less care than asphalt shingles. Plus, metal has a smooth surface which makes it easy for leaves and snow to slide off the roof. That could mean fewer leaves piling up that you have to remove.

2. You Don't Want To Replace The Roof Again

If you're approaching your senior years, you could be looking at having to replace a shingle roof one or two more times in your life. A metal roof could last the rest of your life. You probably don't want the expense of putting on a roof when you're retired and living on a fixed income.

3. Wildfires Are Becoming Common In Your Area

Metal roofing doesn't ignite, so it's a good cover for your home when wildfires burn nearby. House fires can start from within, but they can also start when a flying ember lands on the roof.

If you're getting concerned with wildfires in your area, switching to metal might give you peace of mind that your home has the best protection from roof fires.

4. You Want To Reflect The Sun

Metal roofing comes in many colors, but if you choose white, the roof will reflect the sun and keep your home cooler in the summer. You might be able to run your air conditioner less and save money on your power bill.

5. You Want The Best Protection From Storms

If you live in an area that has frequent storms with hail and high winds, you want a roof that's durable and rated highly for wind resistance and impacts. An asphalt shingle roof can be destroyed by hail. Hail can damage metal too, but metal is tougher than shingles, so a metal roof can survive a typical hail storm.

6. You Want A More Attractive Roof

Metal roofs are attractive. They can be plain white and look like metal, or you can buy them in styles that look like weathered wood shakes or slate tiles. If you just want a different look for your home, then you'll have a lot of choices in metal roofing.

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